[Email] Register for summer strength training (with ETS) by Friday (4/22/22)

What: Volleyball Summer Strength Training (with ETS trainer Erica Kessah)

Who: ALL Volleyball Athletes (girls grades 7th-12th) interested in trying out for the 2022 fall season

When: Monday, 6/13/22 – Thursday, 8/11/22

  • Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
  • 7:00am-8:30am
  • No ETS training during the week of the high school camp (7/25-7/28)

Where: Lakeville North High School Strength Room

Session: ALL players should register for the full summer training session (regardless of club season status). IF you are participating on a club team that competes through the end of April/May, you are able to participate in the FULL program offered (June 13 – August 11). IF you are participating on a club team that competes through the beginning of July, you are able to participate in the second half (July 11 – August 11) of the program offered. Either way, complete your registration for the full program, and if your club season extends through July, the ETS admin will charge you only for the second half of the program offered.

Price: Full program athletes (6/13-8/11): $175 OR Second half of the program athletes (7/11-8/11): $100

Note: Families will NOT pay $175 + $100. Registrants either pay for the full program ($175) or for half ($100) but NOT both charges

Registration Link (Found Here): https://etsperformance.gymmasteronline.com/portal/membership/9b2de48bf8d0ad16d6cd45c9bd5efe9e

Encouragement: Participation in the LNVB summer strength training program (with ETS) is an extremely beneficial contributor to player readiness (physically, emotionally and socially) for fall tryouts on Monday, August 15th. Coach Erica and the ETS program provide a solid foundation for individual (player) and collective (team) strength, speed, agility, stamina, endurance and confidence. The volleyball program strives to create a positive environment and welcoming atmosphere of inclusivity for all led by the upperclassmen. All players, grades 7-12, are strongly encouraged to participate in this positive, challenging yet developmental program designed to prepare players for the fall.