[Email] 2022 Program Theme

The Lakeville North Panthers Volleyball program is
to announce our 2022 fall theme:

‘Let It Be Known’ can encompass any aspect we as a program feel we need to focus on. The theme engages all parts of our program and creates a sense of pride in the work that we do and how we present ourselves. We ‘Let It Be Known’ that we are the loudest in the gym, the most supportive teammates, and that we work the hardest for what we earn.”

-Carlyn Holland with group members Aliyah Driver, Carissa Smith and Molly McCallister

‘Let It Be Known’ shows a sense of pride in our program. In any situation, ‘Let It Be Known’ can be applied, on and off the court.”

-Sidney Wissbrod with group members Lily Benson and Austyn Wunderlich

‘Let It Be Known’ is a description of every player’s commitment to uphold and honor the culture of Lakeville North Volleyball. We are committed to consistently portraying the qualities of our team with pride.”

-Hannah Rich with group members Brooke Zweber, Kassi Paterson and Sammy D’Arrigo

‘Let It Be Known’ is a reminder to give your all. When we get farther into our season, we will be able to use it as a reminder that we have put in the work, and it comes down to our execution and showing what we can do.”

-Sydney Carlson with group members Laina McGunnigle, Erin MacLeod, Mattie Ripplinger

“We have a very unique program for a lot of reasons, and having a theme that makes us stick to those reasons, and makes us prideful (especially in our intangibles), is something I like in this theme.”

-Ava Blascziek with group members Sophia Olson, Abbie Allen and Analise Werwie

“I feel this represents our culture of 100% effort, put in the work, then have a party on game day. I think this is a good theme and reminder to our program to show (off) what work we have put in.”

-Madi Renz with group members Ava Firm, Morgan Drent and Rayna Christianson

“I believe that ‘Let It Be Known’ fits our program because it sums up the overall ‘why’ of what we do and the work we put in. We are trying to ‘Let It Be Known’ that our program holds a high standard of work ethic and team culture.”

-Emily Ramsay with group members Tanaya Rager, Savannah Grange and Emily Patullo