Purpose (of LNHSVBBC):

To promote the sport of girls’ volleyball for the student-athletes of LNHS.

Objective (of LNHSVBBC):

To support the long-term growth of the volleyball program and ensure that the students have the proper training, equipment, and facilities in which to compete.

Fundraising Principles

  • Less is more.
  • Primary methods of raising funds to support the LNHSVB program (in priority):
  • 1) tournaments; 2) sponsorships; 3) other (if and when necessary).
  • Constant assessment of what we already do. Make our strengths stronger.
  • Source of revenue should be targeted outside of parents/families.
  • Fundraising efforts should be primarily player-led.
  • Outside of a specifically targeted fundraising need, to add an event is to add for future seasons.

Fundraising Approval Process

  1. Target the need. Identify the why. Have a clear understanding of the budget.
  2. With the LNHSVBBC President, complete the ‘Fundraising Considerations’ table.
  3. With agreeance to move forward, communicate the proposed fundraising event and the Fundraising Considerations table with a detailed description of event leadership, organization and point of contact to Head Coach.
  4. Under Head Coach approval, present the fundraising event at the next scheduled booster meeting (add continued brainstorming and perspectives).
  5. During the planning stages, document and compose an ‘Event Binder’ for operational organization and future reference for the LNHSVBBC members.

Lakeville North Fundraising Considerations Form