2023 Program Theme

“As a program we give to each other by supporting our teammates, vocally encouraging one another, and giving the effort that you have to make the people around you better on and off the court. When in practice, we give effort, positive energy, and we are selfless. We also hold each other accountable for our effort, reps, communication and commitment. We will drive our teammates to work harder by leading with action. Off the court, we stay connected as a program no matter age or class. 

We must give off of the court to succeed on the court. In the LNVB program, giving is a huge part of who we are. This theme is a reminder of the leaders, givers, and servers that we are for the people around us.”

Seniors: Aliyah Driver, Lindsay Conner, Caroline Collins, Sammy D’Arrigo, Ava Firm, Laina McGunnigle, Analise Werwie