[Email] FREE heart screening opportunity

Lakeville North High School will be the host site for

UMN Gopher volleyball vs NDSU Bison volleyball

10:30-12:30pm: practice (open to all) 
2:00pm: 4-set Scrimmage (open to all) 

Gophers vs Bison

Play for Patrick Foundation

Screening times are: 9-11:20am and 1-3:20pm
(found here: https://www.playforpatrick.org/lakeville)

One of our very own incredible ’21-’22 seniors, 
Kaitlynn Peterson 
(who will be playing Division I volleyball at Bradley University next fall), 
has courageously shared a bit of her own personal story with us:


“My freshman year of high school I was busy playing volleyball, softball and working out.  I was healthy and had no concerns about my health.  We were living in OR at the time and there was an event being offered similar to Play for Patrick where free heart screens were offered.  I figured why not take advantage.  Not long after my parents received a letter in the mail stating I needed to see a pediatric cardiologist and had Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and Supraventricular Tachycardia.  We were all a little shocked as I had no symptoms, but that is often what happens with many of these undetected heart conditions. My cardiologist said I needed to have a surgery that would ablate this extra electrical pathway in my heart that was causing the problem.  I thank God everyday I had this screening and surgery.  You hear of athletes suddenly, with no explanation, dropping dead on the field/court, but you never think it could be you.  According to my doctor, without this being detected through the screening the same thing could have and probably would have happened to me.
 I know it’s not everyone’s first choice to spend part of their Saturday doing this screening, but I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity whether you are an athlete or not. This is a great opportunity where the screening is both free and easy to access and they will have cardiologists there to answer questions.  All you have to do to get a screening is register on the Play For Patrick website prior to showing up on Saturday, April 9th. This is also a great opportunity to bring your siblings, friends, and family along too and encourage them to sign up. The process itself takes barely any time out of your day and it could potentially save your life from something you didn’t even know you had.  I am now 100% cured with no limitations and could not be more grateful to the people that encouraged me to get this done.” 

Panther players, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this FREE and life-saving heart screen with the Play for Patrick Foundation (https://www.playforpatrick.org/lakeville
and contribute to an incredible day of volleyball on your HOME court! 
I look forward to seeing you there!