May 11, 2022 Booster Meeting Notes

Coaches Update (Jackie)

  • Milan Mader’s  Memorial at Bracket’s – Flowers to the Mader Family on behalf of LN Volleyball
  • 10A Coach Sidney Dose
  • Commitment Ceremony  – May 18th – 4 players will be there. 7am LNHS
  • Panther Preb submissions (Leaders) Sophomores/Juniors
  • Leadership meeting – Communication and service for the athletes/girls

Budget Report (Lori)

  • UMN Final Report
  • LNJrs Tournament Final Report – concessions
  • LNJrs Donation from LNHSVBBC
  • Camp Checks deposited: no expenses yet –
  • High School/Youth Camp expectation (Jackie)
  • Coaching Certifications (Jackie) – Supported by the board for our coaches through booster club funds

LNJrs Tournament-Concessions Recap (Karlene/Melissa)

  • Successes and Challenges (menu, process, setup/takedown) – Amount of food was spot on. Ran very smoothly.
  • Changes/thoughts moving forward…
  • Any changes to Volunteer Hours moving forward? – Chip and Angie like to volunteer for the whole day.?
  • Players wanted hot food earlier on 8:30am.
  • Need an adult always behind counter to help with portions and menu items.
  • How to relieve the length of the lines. Suggestion – table w/non hot food upstairs.
  • Prices???

Sponsorship Updates (David)

  • Early jumpstart results for 2022 – second round of emails
  • Next steps – parent emails and have athletes campaign
  • Addition of leadership group project (service and communication)
  • ‘Driving Sponsorship Connections’ Survey –

Summer/Fall Apparel Updates (Tracy)

  • Spring Optional Apparel Update – Spring store/catalog was very average. Don’t need to do that soon/early again.
  • Organization of summer apparel (sponsors) –
    • ETS (Trevor) – Bug Trevor about ETS training t-shirts
    • Beach Tournament – 5/team for winners (20 shirts)
    • Youth Camp
    • High School Camp
    • UMN/Concordia/Scrimmage shirts
    • Fall Apparel Updates (communications with Lisa)
  • 2 Apparel Sponsors – Arcon & Midwest Volleyball Warehouse
  • Summer Youth camps – use Midwest Volleyball warehouse cuz of turn around time
  • Fan shirts/Bachman Tournament/Homecoming – that are pre-set – use Arcon

Beach Tournament Updates(Sheila)

Team Registration Update:

  • 15 total teams registered
    • 10 High School
    • 1 Community A
    • 4 Youth

Raffle Update:

  • Please keep soliciting donations! Appreciate everyone’s help with collecting items! We received several more items at the last meeting. Refer to the shared Google document.

Food Trucks: Confirmed!

  1. Nellie’s Woodfire Pizza
  2. Kona Ice
  3. Cookie – Do Bliss (Gina/Hayden) – They are also leasing the old Dairy D-lite in Lakeville and will be opening Memorial Day Weekend.

We are hoping to get one more vendor with tacos/sandwiches. Currently waiting to hear back from Robert who has a Chili-Lime Food Truck (Tacos/Burritos).


  • Generator is rented
  • DJ: Waiting for Roosevelt’s confirmation.


  • Emailing information/flyers to Bogarts, TwinCities Volleyballers, Lord Fletchers

The rest of the meeting was cut short due to weather…