Senior Spotlight – #12 Matt Christianson

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Middle Hitter

Siblings Names and Ages

Karl Keith and Kent

Parent’s Names

Kirk and Julie

Plans After Graduation

Be a mom to some kick ass volleyball players – spend most of my day as an Uber to all the activities and occasionally sneak in a girls night for wine and relaxation

Honors (Volleyball or Academic):

Being a Mom

Finish this sentence. I will always remember: (can be life related or volleyball)

The days go slow but the years fast

What has volleyball taught you?

I am not good at it

What are your goals for your Senior Year?

When I am a senior I hope to not need a walker

Do you have a favorite meal or dessert?

I love too many things

3 Favorite Apps on your phone?

IMessage, Mail and Words with Friends

What or who makes you laugh?

Jeff Dunham

Other activities or organizations you are involved with or enjoy?

So many

What have your coaches taught you?


How would your family or close friends describe you?

High energy, task-oriented, fun

What are some things you feel you can’t live without?

My kids, my phone, coffee and wine

Do you have any superstitions?


Do you have any favorite sports teams or athletes?

LNVB, Northern Lights, Lakeville North Hockey and my kids of course

What is one thing you would put on your “bucket” list?

Visit all 50 states

Favorite Quote:

Control the controllables

Best memory from LVNVB?

Making it this year

Advice for younger players?

LOVE playing the game

Message to my parents:

You are still my rock and hero

Chocolate or Vanilla


Crushed ice or cubed ice?


Pen or Pencil?


Spicy or mild?


Fiction or Non Fiction?


Truth or Dare?


Board games or video games?

Board games

Bacon or Sausage?


Bagels or waffles?


Pool or Ocean?


Snap Chat or Tik Tok?

Tik Tok