Senior Spotlight – Ava Blascziek



Siblings Names and Ages

Owen and Luke- 22, Will- 19

Parent’s Names

Mary Pat and Brad Blascziek

Plans After Graduation

Playing volleyball at Temple University and hoping to be a volleyball coach when I’m older!

Honors (Volleyball or Academic)

2020 South Suburban all conference Honorable Mention
2021 JVA Watch List
2021 South Suburban all conference unanimous
2022 AAU Academic
2022 National Player Rankings list
2022 South Suburban Conference Art Exhibition Achievement Award

Finish this sentence. I will always remember: (can be life related or volleyball)

Rayna during 2021 tryouts attempting to serve a ball over the net to serve receivers, but missing and hitting Jackie straight in the back of the head… no one could stop laughing

What has volleyball taught you?

Volleyball has truly taught me the importance of working with others and how doing what you can to make others the best they can be can help you be your best as well.

What are your goals for your Senior Year?

For the 2022 season, having this team reach the potential that it can and staying as connected as possible, and just learning everything I can and soaking up this last year before going off to college.

Do you have a favorite meal or dessert?

Angel food cake

Favorite Candy


Favorite Bottle Drink

Root Beer

3 Favorite Apps on your phone?

Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube

What or who makes you laugh?

My friends and my dogs

Other activities or organizations you are involved with or enjoy?

Art, the occasional badminton, and getting groovy with my friends

What have your coaches taught you?

How to be a good teammate and how to push myself past my limits

How would your family or close friends describe you?

Bubbly and outgoing, and authentically me 😀

What are some things you feel you can’t live without?

Hair dye

Do you have any superstitions?

Pre – game cheers MUST be done

Do you have any favorite sports teams or athletes?

Sydney Hilley is my favorite setter and Temple is my fav volleyball team #OWLS

What is one thing you would put on your “bucket” list?

living outside of the U.S

Favorite Quote:

“We’re takin’ you on a road rockin’ trip down to Flavortown, where the gravitational force of bacon warps the laws of space and time.” – Guy fieri

Best memory from LVNVB?

Rayna during 2021 tryouts attempting to serve a ball over the net to serve receivers, but missing and hitting Jackie straight in the back of the head

Advice for younger players?

The best way to learn the game besides being in the gym is to study it. Find a college team you really like, watch the people in your position, and see what they’re doing that your not. Not only technically, but how they interact with their team as well.

Message to my parents:

I am going to make this short because otherwise this will be two pages long, but I love you guys so much and I would never trade you guys for the world… you care so much for me and make me laugh and are just the biggest supporters anyone could ask for (even if that comes with answering constant questions about volleyball). Thank you for everything!!!!!!

Chocolate or Vanilla


Crushed ice or cubed ice?


Pen or Pencil?


Spicy or mild?


Fiction or Non Fiction?

Non Fiction

Truth or Dare?


Board games or video games?

Video games

Bacon or Sausage?


Bagels or waffles?


Pool or Ocean?


Snap Chat or Tik Tok?

Tik Tok