Sept 15th, 2022 Booster Meeting Notes

Panther Volleyball Booster Board Meeting Agenda 9/15/2022

Attending: Jackie Richter, Linette Ramsay, Brenda Werwie, Angie and Chip MacLeod, Travis Rager, Bethany Drent, Karlene Driver, Jen Zweber, Nicole Major, Christina D’Arrigo, Jen McGunnigle, Nicole Patterson, Lori Firm, Mary Pat Blascziek, David Holland, Dean Swenson, Ashley Benson.

Coach Updates (Jackie)

Discussed with coaches approaching the grind of the season. What that looks like, keep all the girls together and tight knit, keep motivated. 2 New antennas, very exciting through the athletic department. Jeff Groves AV alum, 30-40 years volunteer for AV Volleyball in hospital, Program to send Jeff flowers or a plant. Asking for prayers.

Financial Report (Lori)
Recaps and Reports
  • Chipotle Fundraiser (Nicole) Busy, and staff may not have been prepared for the chaos, but made money totally expected with staff shortages
  • Sponsorship Appreciation Night (David). Positive way more interest in the sponsorship night, 4 businesses represent by 5 people. People appreciated, was communicated, SEC changed rules so not allowed to bring them down to the floor in between sets. 3 minutes between at most. Discussion of how we can encourage, and Show our appreciation. Viverant used a table, scheduling North South was really a better venue. Discussing combining fan and youth night, with sponsorship. South match at home might be a good night. Feedback from sponsorship liked to be here, David describes as a success. Good work!
  • Fan/Youth Appreciation Night (Christine/Jen) Big cart of items to haul in and out of the school. Could not count how many people attended, but overall more than last year, and they felt like it was a solid turn out.
  • Bethany Drent brought her daycare kids, described as a highlight of their week. It hard to tell who was PL, and who was 8th grade. Pizza was grabbed, not asked, worried about feeding the football teams, prizes good amount, too much pop, what do we do with it? Maybe donate pop to EVE, cut down on pizza order, no GF needed, no waste, but fed teams after they played. 9th grade teams were very helpful. Many smiles around.
9A Tournament
  • Concessions (Karlene) Jen McGunnigle took over this with Sally and Friday night prep, nice to have everything set up so others could deal with the pipe leak, walking tacos number 1 seller. Conservative with ground beef, may suggest another bag, maybe increase cost of tacos to 5 or 6 dollars. 120 walking tacos sold. Ran out of potatoes first, hot dogs sold out, sent out for more pizza for late 3pm rush to have a hot options. Karlene will add another bag of taco meat for 10A. Discussion of popcorn option, and shadow or partner for Concessions. Airheads are most popular candy.
  • Volunteers (Bethany) Seemed like appropriate number of people for the positions. Bethany using texting for quicker replies. Cancellation within 48 hours is challenging, discussing the idea of your job to find a replacement if you have to cancel a shift? Life happens, it’s Ok just need a replacement. Discussion on last minute sign ups, need everyone to participate for 10 hours.
  • Financials (Lori) admissions $8 and $6 charged. Feedback is that it felt slower, not selling berry blenz odd, apples, left. Like that everyone was there early, time to act on pipe leak. First shift 7:30am.
  • Results (Matt). 9A Tournament results – Went very smoothly. Bonnie had no issues updating the scores and there were no complaints as far as I know.
  • Signage (Monica/Melody) Smooth overall, some confusion on the wording with arrows. Some visitors confused, staff available for directions. Block the hallway? Possibly add signage at upper concessions to direct people downstairs? Bathrooms may need more signs? Door one, over signage suggested for this next tournament.
10A Tournament Preparations
  • Concessions (Karlene)
  • Volunteers (Bethany) Full roster now for the 10A torunament
  • Financials (Lori)
  • Results (Matt)
  • Signage/Awards (Monica/Melody)
Parent Appreciation Night (Jackie)

New SEC rules cannot impede the start time of Varsity match. Prep by coaching staff. No gambling on the team on the court in-between. End of Varsity match maybe too late for the 9’s team. Jackie will send more info as brainstorming available.

Boys Homecoming Tournament 10/6 (Jackie)

Champion Shirts (Tracy via email):

The practice shirts were handed out yesterday. I’m waiting to hear if there are players that would like to purchase any additional practice shirts. If so, we will make them available on the LN middle school store that’s currently open for purchases. That store closes on Sunday & the t-shirts would be finished the next week. Cost per shirt will be around $15.

Talked to MVW today and all remaining merchandise should be ready on Friday. Hope is to distribute later that day. Also be ordering the boys homecoming shirts with MVW in the next few weeks and the Bachman shirts will be ordered as well with Arcon.

Open Floor: Questions? Comments? 

Kemmetmueller photography feedback on if people like, and will order pictures?
Next Booster Meeting:  Wednesday, October 12, 2022 6:30-8pm (Room N211). Bachman Invitational